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The growing popularity of Thai cuisine is attested by the extraordinary number of Thai restaurants in nearly all the major capitals of the world.

Thus many visitors arrive with some experience of its highly distinctive blend of hot, sour, and sweet flavors and eager to sample the real thing in its place of origin


Thailand for more.

Thailand Is a tourism optimise country. here are many amazing things to see and discover. The price is nothing less than thai food, the original asian cuisine. Learn every about Thai here

- Extreme Makeover -

We are working to extreme makeover Thaimenu.NET and in short period of time, many modern Thai recipes will be added to our database as well as articles about cooking thai food in the modern world.

Time changed everything and no exception for Thai recipes and how to cook thai food. Advanced food processing technology brings you closer to Thai food than ever before. Now you can find easy-to-cook and instant thai food in almost every country of the world.

Our new added recipes almost come with tips that ease your way how to cook and also who to find thai ingredients from local stores.

- What's new this week ? -

  • 27/01/11 New 3 restaurants added
  • 24/03/08 List of Thai restaurants in Austria,UK,UAE,Nigeria,Greece, Ecuador,Chile, Kuwait,Romania, Venezuela,Colombia,Brazil,Nepal,Egypt,Pakistan,Croatia,Hungary,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and India Online Now!
  • 23/03/08 List of Thai restaurants in Oman, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Turkey Added !
  • 18/03/08 List of Thai restaurants in germany goes live !
  • 16/03/08 10 recipes added
  • 25/10/07 Healthier and less fat drinks : Thai Drinks
  • 14/10/07 Thaimenu.NET launches new forum
  • 13/10/07 New Thaimenu launched
  • 01/15/03 New 2 articled added.
  • 12/30/02 just got new staff to take care of the site.Questions will be answered within 3 days. More and more receipes will be added soon. See u.
  • 02/10/02 New section "Thailand: Land of smiles" is now open. Click Here
  • 01/13/02 Add step by step instruction to every recipe.
  • 01/12/02 webboard is back. many recipes will be added soon.
  • 01/04/01 10 new receipes added.
  • 10/28/00 New 20 receipes will be added next week.
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